Online Shopping (super deals!) and a Spicy Chicken and Guacamole Naanwich

Day two of working from home was successful. I was able to knock out the rest of my work projects. It looks like the wintry madness has passed through and I can bravely return to the office again [...]

Trader Joe’s Victory!

I decided to make another attempt at conquering Trader Joe’s yesterday. Mission accomplished. It turns out my lunch hour is prime time for conquering Trader Joe’s.  I scoured the [...]

My kind of Saturday: Trader Joe’s (attempt #1), Wheatfields, and Bed Bath and Beyond

My city officially has a Trader Joe’s!  It opened Friday, but we decided to wait until Saturday to check it out. I was mentally prepared to enter a zoo, but this was out of control!  The [...]

Dinner in a Hurry: Creamy Tomato Basil Shrimp Naan Pizza (and the softest blanket ever)

I haven’t had much time to cook this week, but if you’ve read my previous blog posts you would know that I can always make time for a Naan pizza.  Last night’s Naan pizza was a [...]

Shopping in a Hurry: Williams-Sonoma Granulated Honey and Harry & David Pomegranate Vanilla Cashews

It’s on its way (or it will be tomorrow)… I just placed an order for two containers of Williams-Sonoma’s Granulated Honey.  I took a cooking class at one of their stores a [...]