The tides are turning…

Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA It’s safe to say that I have settled into life in California.  As I delve into  my career here and investigate Northern California on the weekends, I have had less and [...]

For Dad…

I have been on an unexpected blogging hiatus due to rather difficult circumstances. Unfortunately, my father passed away last month. I miss him more than anything in the world. I have put a lot [...]


I have returned from a long hiatus to take this blog in a new direction. One year ago I was so excited about what I was learning about healthy living and exercise that I wanted to write about it. [...]

About the writer #1: My ridiculous love affair with scarves.

Happy Thursday! I can’t believe we are at the tail end of the week. I love weeks that fly by. Usually that is a good indicator that things are going right! I realized the other day when [...]

About the History Book

My grandmother is one of the single most influential people in my life.  I am not sure that she knows that, but she is. Growing up I always loved listening to her speak, her intelligence is [...]