Welcome to Imwaytoobusy.

A photography and travel site celebrating the best of the California coast.

About Us

Launched in 2010, Imwaytoobusy was originally designed to share inspiration for people with busy careers (hence the site name). In 2012, we started the greatest adventure of our lives, and an ever-evolving love affair with California, when we moved to Silicon Valley (Northern California) from Omaha, Nebraska. These days, Imwaytoobusy has grown into our little slice of the internet for cataloging our adventures and photography. It’s our hope that your time with us will inspire you to experience some of these amazing adventures for yourself.  Here’s what we’ve been up to lately:


I live and work in sunny Silicon Valley. On the weekends, I’m usually beach bound or hiking. I love photography and the California coast is my muse. In my free time, I prefer to be outdoors, drag my camera with me almost everywhere I go, have a serious thing for coffee, prefer blogs over magazines and non-fiction over fiction. When I’m not adventuring, I’m lucky enough to have a career I love here.


I began contributing photography to Imwaytoobusy in 2012. Since starting this adventure I’ve been fortunate enough to capture some of my favorite photos like this and this. When not out adventuring, I’m usually busy working on the development and behind the scenes “nerd” stuff that keeps this site running.  In my down time I love talking tech here, experimenting with photography, and indulging in a good sci-fi or superhero show.