HD Wallpaper: A pink beach sunset over the ocean in Carmel, CA

HD wallpaper download: A pink beach sunset over the ocean in Carmel, CA. Click here to download.

Happy Friday, friends! We thought we’d kick off the weekend with this fun wallpaper of Carmel Beach City Park (our fave Carmel beach — also featured here). The night we took this photo there was a chance of rain. The rain never happened, but the wildest clouds rolled in and they were just beautiful.

You can see the sun lighting up the clouds in the background of this photo and the moody clouds that rolled in at sunset. The hues are purposely playful — Shane used pinks, blues, and teals to lighten things up. It makes such a fun wallpaper.

Hope all of you have a great weekend (and maybe sneak in a little adventuring).

Photo by Shane Menshik for Imwaytoobusy.com.

Download instructions:
On desktop, right click here and select "save link as".
On mobile, tap here and when the new image opens tap and hold on the image then select "save image".

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