HD Wallpaper: Pillar Point cloudy sunset near Half Moon Bay, CA

HD wallpaper download: Pillar Point cloudy sunset near Half Moon Bay, CA. Click here to download.

Carrying the theme from yesterday’s post, this is another one of Shane’s night photos of Pillar Point Air Force Station near Half Moon Bay. He took this photo at the tail end of sunset. It was becoming quite dark out and he wanted to capture the Air Force Station lights at night.

I love how the scene turned out. The ocean mist from the waves and the lights up above were beautiful. He captured it perfectly. Pillar Point is one of our new favorite spots and we can’t wait to go back.

Want to see the “behind the scenes” action from this day? Here’s a sneak peek of some of the fun we had (with special guests!) and the surfers at play that day.

Photo by Shane Menshik for Imwaytoobusy.com.

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