HD Wallpaper: Pink sunset over the ocean in Carmel, CA

HD wallpaper download: Pink sunset over the ocean at Carmel Beach City Park in Carmel, California. Click here to download.

A few weeks ago, Shane and I headed to Carmel to spend the day taking photos and making new videos. We spent the late afternoon at Carmel Beach City Park (our fave Carmel beach).

As soon as we walked up to the beach, Shane noticed that there were a lot of dolphins swimming just off of the shore. They played in the waves and hung around for what seemed like hours. We got so lucky. I’d never seen that many dolphins up close. We’ll share a photo/video of them soon.

Shane photographed this scene as the sun was setting that evening. The sun’s still peaking over the ocean here, and I love the way the lighting bounces off of the water. It was such a pretty sunset, and I had fun playing up the pink hues in this wallpaper. Carmel’s always a bit surreal, and this photo captures some of that magic.

Download instructions:
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