Behind the Scenes: Taking photos of Pacifica State Beach from the hillside

Oh, we had such a fun weekend. The weather on the coast has been in the 80s which meant we headed right for the beach on Saturday. Clear skies and warm weather is not too common in Half Moon Bay (and we strangely hadn’t been back for a couple of years!).  We decided we’d head that way to take advantage of the amazing beach weather. Besides, it was in the 90s at home. The beach weather was calling us.

We decided to stop in Pacifica on the way to Half Moon Bay. I’d never been and Shane was excited to show me around. Pacifica State Beach was packed and surfers were everywhere. It was such a fun scene to photograph. We cut through the beach and headed straight for the hillside trails to take photos from overhead.

Shane captured this photo of me when I was taking photos from the hillside. I thought it would be a fun precursor to tomorrow’s wallpaper. It might be one of my all-time favorite beach wallpapers. I can’t wait to share it!

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