HD Wallpaper: Butterfly Beach ocean view & palm trees in Montecito, CA

HD wallpaper download: Butterfly Beach ocean view and palm trees in Montecito (Santa Barbara, California). Click here to download.

Before we head out on a road trip to somewhere new, I’ll spend time researching where the locals hang out & look for popular photo spots. I used Map Maker to plot all of the spots I wanted to see during our Santa Barbara trip. When I was investigating Montecito there was one beach that kept coming up and that was Butterfly Beach. It’s not hard to understand why.

Butterfly Beach is just across the way from a beautiful Four Seasons hotel (and not far from my all-time favorite Montecito beach). That makes it a great beach spot for those that are in town for vacation or a long weekend to relax. It’s a long, narrow beach so it’s fairly easy to find a stretch of sand to call your own. There were people reading on the beach and others wading in the waves — it was a quintessential Santa Barbara day.

Just looking at this photo brings it all back. Tall palm trees, sailboat in the distance, clear blue skies and ocean waves… it’s all so perfect. Take me back!

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