Behind the Scenes: Taking night photos at East Beach in Santa Barbara, CA

On the last night of our Santa Barbara road trip, we spent the entire night at East Beach taking night photos. Shane was taking long exposure photos of the waves rolling in, and bravely challenged me to freeze for a bit so he could take this photo. I just finished processing this image and decided to keep the dark tones. The nighttime hue looks like they did when he took the photo, and I like that. It was a fun night, and it brings it all back.

The little things in this photo make me happy: Windblown hair, lens cap crammed in my back pocket, wearing multiple jackets, and the sand on the sides of my shoes. I like the raw, unfiltered moments that happen when we’re on photo adventures.  Oh, and then there’s the memory of spending the entire night at East Beach, taking photos with Shane, and doing silly things like making each other freeze for long exposure photos. That’s the good stuff.

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