HD Wallpaper: Launch for Hire boathouse and pier in Point Reyes, CA

HD wallpaper download: Launch for Hire boathouse and pier scene in Point Reyes, California. Click here to download.

I’ve been holding onto this wallpaper for far too long. I created it when we were doing our first round of Point Reyes recaps, and it somehow got lost in the shuffle. We stumbled upon this scene behind a little store in Point Reyes. We spotted the famous Point Reyes shipwreck in the distance as we were driving by, pulled over, cut through a little path, and came across the most tranquil scene.

It was late in the afternoon so the lighting was soft and pretty. I liked the way the Launch for Hire boathouse was positioned behind the pier and captured a few photos of it, and this one turned out to be my favorite.

Want to see more of the area surrounding the shipwreck (and the shipwreck itself)? Check out the full Point Reyes shipwreck (and the gorgeous Cypress tree tunnel) photo tour here.

Download instructions:
On desktop, right click here and select "save link as".
On mobile, tap here and when the new image opens tap and hold on the image then select "save image".

Want to see more? Explore nearby and other adventure spots using the interactive map below:
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Check out our full adventure map here.

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