HD Wallpaper: Rainy day at the Golden Gate Bridge in Marin, CA

HD wallpaper download: Rainy day at the Golden Gate Bridge in Marin, CA. Click here to download.

Oh, the beauty of a rainy, foggy Northern California photography day. Shane took this photo of the Golden Gate Bridge from the Marin Headlands. The Marin Headlands is one of our all-time favorite places to hike, and the view of the Golden Gate Bridge from the Golden Gate National Recreation Area is just icing on the cake. I almost always prefer a sunny day, but there’s something about San Francisco and Marin that makes a little fog perfectly acceptable. I always expect it when I’m up that way any way.

Shane captured this view of the bridge while hiking around this area by Battery Spencer (one of the many battery sites that were active through WWII – it’s really cool to stumble upon them while you are hiking the hills). I loved the pop of red through the fog and mist, the tiny cars on the bridge, and the way the clouds were just starting to break toward the top of the photo. Do check out the high-resolution version, from a distance the cars look so small compared to that big bridge. I just love the perspective.

Photo by Shane Menshik for Imwaytoobusy.

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