HD Wallpaper: Montecito’s Hammonds Meadow Trail (Santa Barbara, CA)

HD wallpaper download: Bright Santa Barbara flowers along Hammonds Meadow Trail near Hammonds Beach in Montecito, California. Click here to download.

Red, violet, orange, peach, and bright pink blooms intertwined with the vibrant, healthy green bushes that lined the Hammonds Meadow Trail. It was sensory overload, and just the thing ones needs to instantly switch into beach mode. We followed the flowering blooms until the end of the trail when we met the most stunning beach path (Hammonds Beach photo tour here).

We went in as close as we could to the bushes to try to give you a good glimpse of what it was like to walk  this lovely little path. It makes me feel like I can reach out and touch those pretty blooms again, but since I can’t, this wallpaper will entertain the idea until I head back to Santa Barbara. I just loved this trail.

Download instructions:
On desktop, right click here and select "save link as".
On mobile, tap here and when the new image opens tap and hold on the image then select "save image".

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