Best of Santa Barbara: Beautiful Hammonds Beach in Montecito, California

One of my favorite memories from our Santa Barbara road trip was the first time I laid eyes on the Hammonds Meadow Trail. We pulled off of Eucalyptus Lane, stepped out of the car, walked up to the start of the Hammonds Meadow Trail, paused, and my jaw fell open. I wanted that moment to last forever.

The Hammonds Meadow trail leads to Hammonds Beach and it’s the most surreal, magical path I’ve ever walked. I promise I’m not exaggerating. Imagine bright blooms, flowering bushes, and large palm trees overhead. I’ve never seen a more beautiful path in my life. It was like something out of a storybook.

Take me back…now.

A surfer runs down the Hammonds Meadow Trail.

Perfect palm trees and bright blooms line the little trail.

…and then you catch a glimpse of the ocean.

The Santa Ynez mountains and ocean waves make for the most stunning view. Could it get any more idyllic?

Even the view on the way back is gorgeous.

The Montecito Creek bridge runs between the beautiful Montecito homes and lush landscaping. It’s all so perfect.

Want to see more? Scroll through the gallery below for a full Hammonds Beach photo tour.

Visiting the Hammonds Meadow Trail and Hammonds Beach in Montecito (Santa Barbara, CA)
What will I see? The breathtaking Hammonds Meadow Trail and stunning ocean views from Hammonds Beach.
Where is Hammonds Beach? Click here to navigate to 1 Eucalyptus Lane and you will see a small parking lot. The flowering section of Hammonds Beach Trail and the ocean view photographed above will be to your right.
Why visit? To see the gorgeous, bright blooms and palm trees that line Hammonds Meadow trail, the grand estates of Montecito, the stunning ocean views of Hammonds Beach, and watch surfers take on the perfect Montecito waves. Hammonds Beach is a relaxing hideaway and decidedly one of the best beaches in Santa Barbara.

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