HD Wallpaper: Blue and pink ocean sunset over Point Lobos (Carmel, CA)

HD wallpaper download: Blue and pink ocean sunset over Point Lobos (near Carmel, California). Click here to download.

We headed to Point Lobos last weekend to spend the day hiking and taking photos. Point Lobos is one of my all-time favorite Central California hiking spots. I’ve been so many times I’ve lost count, but the views are never lost on me. We arrived at noon and stayed through sunset. There was so much to photograph (whale breaching photos coming soon!) and we took our time versus rushing through it all.

The sunset that night was one of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen. Depending on the direction you were looking there were so many different hues. It was a photographer’s dream! Thus, this photo was born, and it’s one of my favorites from that day. The cypress tree on the cliff paired with the gorgeous coastline and sunset hues was such a breathtaking scene. Point Lobos sunsets always seem larger than life. Nothing compares to it.

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