June California HD wallpapers roundup

I find it hard to believe it’s the last day of June. I am packing up my things to head out on vacation for the 4th of July week. I’m so excited to take photos of new places and get a little adventure and R&R in, but more on that when I get back!  I appreciate the great comments everyone shared on the new wallpapers. Shane also contributed a lot of great wallpapers to the wallpapers category this month. It’s fun to collaborate on these.

Here’s a full gallery of the wallpapers we added this month. It’s a quick and easy way to browse and download all of the HD wallpapers we added at once. Just click through your favorite gallery photo to download your favorite wallpapers.

June 2014 HD Wallpapers Gallery

Click through here or via the image above to view the full gallery of wallpaper posts and download high-resolution versions of each wallpaper.

Thanks to all of you who continue to visit and leave your comments, and welcome to those of you that were new to Imwaytoobusy this month. We appreciate each and every visit we get and are happy to have an outlet for sharing our California adventures. Imwaytoobusy turned four years old this month (Can you believe it!?), and I feel so lucky to have this little place for sharing the best of California and connecting with all of you.

Want to see more? Explore nearby and other adventure spots using the interactive map below:

Our adventure map is currently offline! It will be back soon!

Check out our full adventure map here.

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