Best of Point Reyes (Part Two): The Elephant Seal Overlook

The first stop on our Point Reyes adventure was at the Point Reyes Lighthouse. After climbing 30 stories of stairs, we decided it would be fun to get down to the ocean level and do a little exploring closer to the sand. That brings us to part two of our trip: The Elephant Seal Overlook.

The trail that leads you to the Elephant Seal Overlook is a breath of fresh air. You’re immediately greeted with green hillsides, beautiful blooms, rocky coastline, and a pier in the distance.

As soon as you get toward the end of the trail you’ve earned your prize – a beach blanketed with elephant seals and sea lions. It’s a breathtaking (and somewhat entertaining) sight.

It felt a bit like being smack dab in the middle of a National Geographic movie. To be honest, you can’t tell if the sea lions and elephant seals are dueling or playing. I think it may have been the former, but in my head, I’ll go with playing. That thought is much more enjoyable.

After the overlook, we headed to Drakes Beach (named after the bay where Sir Francis Drake famously landed in 1579). Drakes Beach is a stunning beach framed with tall, white sandstone cliffs, and deep green hillsides. It was fun to photograph, and I can’t wait to share those photos with you next!

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Visiting the Point Reyes National Seashore
What: The Elephant Seal Overlook
Where: Elephant Seal Overlook in Point Reyes National Seashore (Point Reyes, CA)
Why visit: To catch a sneak peek of elephant seals and sea lions in their own habitat. From the overlook, you can observe the day-to-day life of the beautiful creatures that blanket the beach. From what I’ve found, 1000s of elephant seals populate Point Reyes (source) and they are an entertaining sight to behold!

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