Nepenthe: Amazing lunch with an ocean view in Big Sur, CA

There’s a reason Nepenthe is a Big Sur icon. As soon as you start walking up the stairs to head into Nepenthe, you will know you’ve found something very special.  This restaurant radiates a “zen-like” ambiance.  Beautiful landscaping and flowing streams decorate the steps leading up to the outdoor dining area.  Once you’ve arrived, you get a glance of large, colorful floor seating pillows to your right and bright red, blue, and yellow umbrellas over the outdoor dining tables.  Look to your left and you will see a wrap around deck, and as soon as you’ve checked in, go explore.  Nepenthe is high in the hills and offers a wrap-around deck for you to take in Big Sur from great heights.  You can see the rolling hills, beautiful trees, wildlife, and the deep blue Pacific. It is the most amazing oceanfront dining I have ever experienced.
I’ve visited Nepenthe twice, both times for lunch, and I have always ordered their signature Ambrosia Burger.  The ambrosia burger is a ground steak sandwich served on the finest french rolls I have ever eaten.  The burger is rich and packed with flavor and the roll is perfectly dense.  I will never order anything else from there.  You will see in our photos that depending on the day, the fog has not always rolled out by lunchtime.  The first time we visited it was quite foggy (which offers its own magic) and we barely got a peek of the ocean.  The second time we were heading south to see the McWay Falls and stopped in as a surprise for our out-of-town guests.  It was like the skies knew they owed us one.  It was a perfectly clear day and the ocean waters were deep blue and clearer than ever.

If you ever need a great way to kickoff a little adventure when you are in Big Sur, do stop at Nepenthe.  It is an experience that you will always remember.  There’s a reason a movie was filmed here and celebrities are rumored to have wanted to call these very hills their own.  It’s a little slice of Big Sur perfection.  Take the time to indulge.

Nepenthe Restaurant in Big Sur, CA
What: Nepenthe Restaurant
Where: Big Sur, CA
Why: To take in the spectacular ocean view, gaze over the dramatic Big Sur landscape, and indulge in their delicious, signature Ambrosia Burger.

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