Bird Island Overlook: A stunning view from the Marin Headlands

Within Marin County, just north of San Francisco and beyond the Golden Gate Bridge, lies the Marin Headlands.  The Marin Headlands is a culmination of history, an abundance of wildlife, rolling hills, and at its very edge: a stunning coastline.  Along this coastline you will find an old lighthouse, bunkers abandoned in the hills from wartime, deer grazing in the tall grass, and a little stretch of isolated land named Bird Island.  Today, these lands and this little island are protected as a sanctuary for the wildlife and ocean waves that call it home.

The Marin Headlands is one of my favorite places to take visitors when they come to sight-see.  I have so many favorite places in these hills, but I will start with cataloging the Bird Island Overlook.  The overlook is a great place to show off the tall, stunning Northern California cliffs and the waves crashing against them.  Bird Island itself is actually separated from the land which makes it an ideal sanctuary for the wild seabirds that need to rest their wings.  It’s the long strip of land in the first image above.

These were some of my favorite photographs from the many trips we’ve taken to the headlands so you will notice both foggy days and days where the sky was a deep, bright blue.  You can see a couple of the wartime bunkers in these images as well.  Their presence is haunting and a reminder that we are lucky to have this land and that it’s preserved so beautifully.  I hope we’ve captured a bit of the essence of that in these images.  Take a peek, and if you ever stop to hike the hills of the headlands, stop at the Bird Island Overlook.  It’s such a wonderful place to take it all in.

Bird Island Overlook
What: Bird Island Overlook in the Marin Headlands
Where: Marin County, CA
Why: A quiet place to listen to the sound of the crashing waves, gaze over the rolling hills, take in the dramatic coastline of Marin, and get a glance of wildlife in its natural setting.

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