A place to relax in Point Lobos: Gibson Beach, Carmel, CA

One of my favorite little resting places within Point Lobos is Gibson Beach.  When you first arrive at Gibson Beach you are greeted with a long, steep wooden staircase that takes you right to the pure sands that you’d expect to find in Carmel.  On one end of the beach, you will find tall, commanding rocks that make for the most beautiful scenery.  The sand, like much of Carmel, is fine and soft and the water is perfectly clear.  If you are looking for a peaceful place to stop for a sandwich break or indulge in the feeling of your toes in the warm sand during a Point Lobos hike, Gibson Beach is perfect.

Gibson Beach
What: Gibson Beach in Point Lobos State Natural Reserve
Where: Carmel, CA
Why: To take a break after a long hike, relax in the soft Carmel sands, listen to the dramatic sound of the waves crashing against the rocks, and indulge in the idyllic scenery.

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