A Summer Day in Muir Woods: Mill Valley, CA

I am convinced that nothing quenches a thirst for the forest like walking through the commanding Redwood and Sequoia Trees of Muir Woods.  These bold trees are not only beautiful, but they exude a strength that puts the world into perspective.  Walking among 800 year old redwood trees (the oldest comes in at 1200 years old) that can stand as tall as 250 feet is humbling.  The ethereal setting of Muir Woods make you feel like you can breathe a bit deeper and see the world a little clearer.  If you are craving a break from the city or just need some perspective, Muir Woods is a great way to get both.  What I found in Muir Woods was an almost otherworldly setting where time goes slower and the world becomes a bit more magical.

Muir Woods National Monument
What: Muir Woods
Where: Mill Valley, CA
Why: To escape the city, walk among the deep green moss and ferns, and marvel at the grandiose size of the ancient Redwood and Sequoia trees.

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