An interview with “Ms. Pink” of The Pink and Blue Blog

If you are a fan of lifestyle blogs, the odds are very high that The Pink and Blue Blog is in your reader. The Pink and Blue blog is one of my favorite blogs and I’ve felt compelled for quite a while now to interview “Ms. Pink” herself. Ms. Pink is one half of the amazing duo that launched the Blog Brunch network (a collaborative creative bloggers network). She also writes an amazing lifestyle blog that is packed full of photography, fabulous recipes, fashion posts, and everything else that inspires her.

Pink and Blue Lifestyle Blog

Read on to find out how she juggles blogging, her half of the Blog Brunch network, and her amazing career as a Creative Marketing Director.

Take a moment to introduce yourself. What prompted you to start writing The Pink and Blue Blog? How would you describe your content?

My name is Ms. Pink, I write a little blog called The Pink and Blue Blog and I wear many hats. Mostly I like to think of myself as a person who can’t sit still- and that may be why I have a full time job, a blog, a small business, and consulting work… not to mention a husband, but somehow it all works out! The P&B Blog, started as a smorgasbord of sorts, but over time I became fascinated with the things that go into a relationship with the opposite sex (whether you are in a romantic relationship or platonic friendship); the quirks, moments of opposite attract, balance and learning opportunities – it’s all just too interesting not to talk about!

Ms. and Mr. Pink's "treasure drawers"
Gradually P&B has adapted into a His and Her Lifestyle Blog, because that’s’ what I found I liked talking about the most. The voice of the blog is mainly female and I have moments of extreme girlish-ness but my husband has a strong presence and I think it brings great balance. Overall I would say the content is a mix of our everyday life; we cook, make home-projects, admire design, search for fun finds, travel and shop. I always say Mr. Blue has all the taste, sometimes it rubs off on me and hopefully it spills onto the blog.

The Pink and Blue Blog

You are also one of the masterminds behind the very popular Blog Brunch collaborative network. What inspired you to launch Blog Brunch? 

Ah Blog Brunch… (First of all, a mastermind I am not – but thank you) I have never given birth before, but I have to think the awe-inspiring admiration I have for this project has to be similar to having a child. Okay- I’m exaggerating a bit, but it is truly special to both my co-founder Megan and myself. It all came about very simply, Megan and I started to email and chat because we liked each other’s blogs. We both did an exchange type-post for the other person’s blog and we really liked working together. At the end of the day we didn’t want our collaboration to end! We were having so much fun getting to know one another, trading blogging war stories, and learning from the other’s experiences that we figured other people would love connecting with other like-minded bloggers too! The concept of Brunch came quick, we wanted a relaxed atmosphere that everyday bloggers can meet, engage and cultivate new relationships with each other online. Blog Brunch was made to bring people together and offer a platform for people to grow their blogs. We are only in the beginning stage of our plans for Blog Brunch, and I am extremely excited for what’s to come.

Join Blog Brunch
How has Blog Brunch impacted your life?

Never did I dream of such a warm welcome from the blogging community. I see bloggers guest posting on eachother’s sites, new ideas hatched and businesses growing from the ideas/relationships forged at Brunch and it thrills me. Blog Brunch has inspired me to make more time for my personal projects and put some of these “side projects” in the spotlight.

You are well-known for your blog, but you also have a career. What can you tell us about what you do for a living?

I have had some interesting jobs in the past… but this one takes the cake. My title is Creative Marketing Director, but it breaks down as such; I’m responsible for the online marketing, SEO, social media, web content and usability for several sites ranging in subject matter from e-commerce to social media… It’s a healthy mix of stress, excitement and research but at the end of the day it’s quite rewarding.

How would you describe a typical day in your life? 

A weekday:

I wake up early, and go for a ride on my horse. Then I come home and have a standing date with my husband over breakfast, blogs and coffee. We typically publish a pre-made Pink and Blue post while we chat. After that, I set out for my day job. Once off I make dinner, write emails, skype with Megan, shop online, check in with family and catch up on trashy tv. After hopping into pj’s I settle in and blog for the next day. At the end of the night I always wind down with a glass wine or cup of tea and a good book.



Do Nothing and Like It - The Pink and Blue Blog
You have so much going on! How do you manage to “do it all”?

Ha! That’s my problem, I always feel like I could be doing more! Lists are my bests friend, but knowing how much I can take on has been a lesson in itself. The challenge for me has been saying “no”. I realized how much I worked when my husband (who at times can work up to 80 hours a week) sat me down and said I should take a break… I don’t know how people post 2-3 times per day of amazing content, update their twitter, facebook and instagram like no tomorrow and have full time jobs… but I tip my hat to them!

What has been the most rewarding part of managing your blogs?

I love hearing from a random stranger that they have heard of my blog, or getting a comment that someone made my recipe or was inspired by something I wrote. Something as simple as a text from a friend saying they loved a post can really make my day.

Faceless Fashion by The Pink and Blue Blog
What tips do you have for busy people trying to manage blogging, social media and a busy career?

Start small, and focus on writing/blogging about what you truly love. I haven’t met any bloggers that write about what they originally set out to do- let your blog grow and change gradually. Mostly though, don’t worry about competing with others, enjoy yourself and you will attract readers!


Do you know someone who has a fabulous career and lives a fun, full life? Submit their story in the comments section below or send me a “tweet” @imwaytoobusy for interview consideration. I’d love to hear from you!

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