Make grocery shopping more efficient with Grocery IQ

Making time for grocery shopping can become a bit of an art when you live a busy life. Whenever possible, I manage to squeeze it in on my lunch hour so I have my night hours free for other projects (or more work). These days I cannot imagine what life would be like without Grocery IQ. This little phone and tablet app has streamlined our grocery shopping in ways that are almost life changing. OK, so that’s a bit dramatic, but I love the app so much that I have to share it with you.

Grocery IQ Phone Application

Grocery IQ allows you to sync your grocery list with multiple devices. You and other users that you share your grocery list with can access your list via your phone (pictured above), tablet, and the Grocery IQ website (pictured below).

Grocery IQ website

Grocery IQ is perfect in two ways. First, when you and another user are at the grocery store, you can divide and conquer your grocery list. Second, when another user is at the store, they can peak to see if you have added anything to the list and pick it up for you. Who doesn’t want to save a trip to the store? Plus, I love the fact that I can add an item to the app as soon as I realize I’m almost out of something.

Grocery IQ will make your busy life a little easier. I highly recommend it.


What applications have made your life easier?

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