Let’s get practical: A few of my favorite things

Essie Nail Polish in Island Hopping:
  Name aside, this is a very pretty, deep mauve for Fall. 
Who says you can’t go island hopping in the fall? That sounds good to me.

Black eBags savvy tote
eBags Savvy Laptop Tote:   This is the most practical tote that I have ever owned. 
I’ve managed to fit a tablet, keyboard dock, laptop, water bottle, umbrella, and a lunch in this bag.

Reduce WaterWeek Bottles 16 oz.
Reduce WaterWeek Bottles These little guys are perfect for people on the go. 
I take one with me everywhere I go. The perk? An office (and home) that isn’t cluttered with glasses.
What are some of your favorite practical items?

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