Friday Link Love…and a pedicab.

Happy Friday, friends! I thought I would get my feet wet by posting a little Friday link love. I feel like I haven’t written for ages. I really do miss it.

First things first, I just have to share this little pedicab photo with you.

Joe and Rosie - Wedding Pedicab

Pedicabs shuffled the guests to the wedding reception.

After a rough September, my family was reminded that there is still a lot of love in the world. My brother was married on October 02. We flew to East Lansing, MI to join him in the wedding festivities. The wedding was wonderful. Congratulations, Joe and Rosie!

Here are a few more links for your Friday enjoyment:

I can’t stop playing the new Coldplay song: Paradise. I swear it sweeps me off of my feet every time I hear it.

I was both saddened and moved by the loss of Steve Jobs this week. He left such a beautiful message for all of us. I loved reading all of the fabulous Jobs posts this week. Pugly Pixel, The Concerns of Mindy Kaling, and Blog Brunch wrote three of my favorite pieces.

I will go back to being my Android-loving self now.

Three blogs I have added to my reader recently: La Dolce Vita (love her weekly quotes), Pugly Pixel (great for web design inspiration), and Mindy Kaling’s Blog (for a little dose of randomness).

I hope all of my blog friends have signed up for Blog Brunch. I missed the first brunch because it was the day of my brother’s wedding. I can’t wait to attend in November. I hope to see some of my friends there!

Lastly, thanks for all of the love and thoughts this week. I love the blogging community!

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