Friday Link Love and a few of my favorite things.

It’s been a wildly busy week and it looks like I have a rather packed agenda ahead of me this weekend. To make light of things, I thought I’d kick the weekend off with a few of my favorite things and a little link love.

This is what I am loving right now:

My Coach “Pierce” flats: Hands down the most comfortable pair of flats I have ever owned. It’s hard to leave the house without them.

Kita’s Waffle Ice Cream Sandwiches have haunted me ever since the first time I laid my eyes on them.

We received our copies of my Dad’s first published book: The Light and The Wind. I’m so proud of you, Dad!

I’m smitten with the photography on dress, design & decor. Every post is a breath of fresh air.

Pinterest is still a guilty pleasure. I look to this board now for an instant dose of inspiration.

Thanks to Jenna, I am now on a mission to find the perfect pair of red heels.

I vow to carry this thought with me every day.

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