Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Tab accessories: The red rooCASE and a stylus that survives meeting hopping.

Remember when we were young and we had to have that long string on our mittens so we wouldn’t lose them? Well, some things don’t change. If you’re anything like me, a good stylus can be just as disposable as an old Bic. I’m glad I can say I’ve find the adult version of the mitten string for the stylus.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Roocase Red Tablet Case Thin Side View with StylusIt’s the AYL Newest Generation Slim Capacitive Stylus and I imagine that the person that designed it had endured just as many post-meeting stylus casualties as I have. If you meeting hop on a regular basis, you’ve probably misplaced a stylus or two. I’m telling you, this little guy is genius. Not too mention, it doesn’t have that “rubber cling” that other styluses I’ve used have had. It glides like air. I’m loving it.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Roocase Red Tablet Case Corner View Plus Stylus

I’ve also got a little thing going for my red leather rooCASE. I love dragging a “pop” of color around with me all day and the quality is fantastic.  When I prop it up  it has a much higher angle than any other case I’ve used which makes it very easy on the eyes.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Roocase Red Tablet Case Side ViewTell me that’s not a good looking case. It makes all of that meeting hopping a whole lot brighter. Who couldn’t use a bit of that on Mondays?


I’d love to know what your dragging around the office. What are your favorite tablet accessories? What gadgets can you simply not live without?

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