Lake of the Ozarks Restaurants: Paradise Tropical Restaurant, On The Rise, and The Fish & Company

I’ve just come off of a two week travel extravaganza.  We spent the Fourth of July at the Lake of the Ozarks (MO) with Shane’s family and I spent most of this past week in Orlando, FL for a work conference. It feels good to be home, settled, and getting back into routine.

We spend a lot of our summer holidays at the Ozarks. It’s wildly casual there. I have to admit that it took a couple visits for me to figure out that there was no point in packing heels. These days it feels rather indulgent spending my lake days in beach dresses and sandals with messy boat hair. We feel far from civilization there. It’s packed everywhere you go, but everyone seems rather oblivious to what anyone else is doing. It’s a nice change of pace.

Several of the lake restaurants we frequent have fantastic live music. These are the places where we can dock, eat lakeside, and become dancing maniacs if we want.

Thinking of paying the big lake a visit? These are the Lake of the Ozarks restaurants you don’t want to miss.

The Paradise Tropical Restaurant & Bar:

Paradise Tropical Restaurant & Bar

Every summer The Paradise brings in a band from overseas. This year, it’s Pan Extasy from The Caribbean.  They play reggae and calypso music and set the tone for a hot, summer night. They tend to trigger massive amounts of dancing. I absolutely love Paradise’s Shrimp Scampi and Crab Cakes. The Blackened Bird is a popular sandwich favorite. You can disregard the rather large, glamorous Budweiser sign.

The Paradise Band (Pan Extasy):

Paradise Tropical Restaurant Band

The Fish & Company:

The Fish & Company

The Fish & Company is best described as our favorite “neighborhood” lakeside restaurant. They are known for pork tenderloin sandwiches as big as your head. I personally opt for their fish tacos and buffalo chicken pizza. Over the holidays, you can usually find the band Project 3 playing at The Fish. If you can visit while they are playing, do so. It is absolutely impossible to remain seated when they are playing. They also trigger serious dance moves.

On The Rise Bistro & Bakery:

If you ever visit the Ozarks, you must visit On The Rise. On The Rise is not lakeside and is only open for breakfast and lunch. The interior is French-inspired and the menu is fabulous. They describe their meals as “European, French, and American” and they offer pastries, flatbreads, soups and sandwiches. Every lunch meal comes with a large bowl of their infamous Parmesan-crusted chips. I chose the Scotland Club which was packed full of cucumber, salmon, and tomatoes (among other things) and my head still spins just thinking about it.


On the Rise Bistro & Bakery

Of course, half of the fun of going out to eat on the lake is the journey there.

That looks something like this:

Lake of the Ozarks evening boat ride

Lake of the Ozarks sunset boat ride

Evening and sunset boat rides always wrap things up nicely.

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