Suffering from writer’s block? Maybe it’s time to take a hiatus.

Lake of the OzarksIt was just over one year ago that I launched Imwaytoobusy. I immediately fell in love with blogging. I love writing and I had finally found an outlet for my creative energy. I got a rush out of how quickly the world became a very small place as I connected with readers from all over the globe. The whole thing made me feel so invigorated. However, I quickly got caught in the “niche trap.” I buried myself into a niche and a couple of months ago I was hit with a serious case of writer’s block.

I found what seemed to be a “safe haven” in food blogging. I loved whipping up creative food concoctions and I could write about them without having to worry about really putting myself out there. I could write whenever I felt like it and attract followers without having to say much about me. It seemed perfect at the time! It was so safe. On the flip side, it became completely uninspiring. I wanted to write and keep up with my followers so I kept forcing the subject. That’s just not the way I do things.

Thus, I took a hiatus. I decided I would step away from writing for two weeks. I didn’t write a single post and I didn’t check my stats once. It didn’t take long to realize how relieved I was to step away from things. I was completely over food blogging. Done.

The two week hiatus turned into a two month hiatus that has lead me to where I am today. I began to miss writing horribly. I sat down and thought about all of the things that inspire me. I thought about the magazines I read, the blogs I follow, the books I couldn’t put down and the things I like to talk about. When I sit down to dinner with friends, what do I get excited about? I can promise you, none if it had anything to do with food! I absolutely love biographies, human stories, success stories, pretty things, gadgets, working my tail off so I can see the results, and being around people that challenge me to set the bar a little higher.

That’s just the start of it, but you get the picture. My lesson has been learned. If you want to follow a passion, don’t go the safe route. There’s nothing inspiring in that. Throw yourself out there. Don’t bury yourself into a niche and if you have, throw yourself out of it! What have you got to lose? Readers? Then they are not the right fit. You will find more.

If you find yourself suffering from writer’s block take a tip from me. Take a small time out and really evaluate your content. If it doesn’t sit right with you, then take a longer time out and find out what will. I promise the time away is worth it…and the whole thing is wildly liberating!

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