I have returned from a long hiatus to take this blog in a new direction. One year ago I was so excited about what I was learning about healthy living and exercise that I wanted to write about it. Inevitably, these things have become an ordinary component of my life. I no longer have any desire to talk and/or write about them on a daily basis.  When Imwaytoobusy started, I wanted to explore blogging as a creative outlet and I needed a topic. Food worked then. It does not work now.

I am ready to write about the things that inspire me to jump out of bed every morning. I exert most of my energy and focus on my work life and seek inspiration anywhere I can find it. I hope to bring some of that energy to this site. I have spent my entire life focused on my career and surrounding myself with people and things that inspire me. I think it’s time we talk about that.

Moving forward I will use my site as a platform for reflecting on the topics, stories, and people that inspire me. If it resonates with someone else, that’s even better.

Thank you to everyone that has followed me through the first phase of this journey!

It’s time for a transition.

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