The breakfast to end all breakfasts.

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I will admit it right off of the bat: When it comes to food, sometimes it’s the small things that knock my socks off. I love when the simplest food combinations end up knocking me out of my seat. You know…when the expectations are low and then you take a big bite and your eyes just about pop out of your head!? This is going to be one of those “small things.” Don’t dismiss it until you have tried it. I have found the adult version of Trix and I am completely hooked!

You may have noticed I was posting a slew of breakfast recipes and then they just stopped.  You can blame my Yogi Crisps on that.

I have always been a little enamored with Yogis as a fruit and yogurt topping, but somewhere along the line I forgot to eat them the way they were intended…as cereal.

A couple of weeks ago my curiosity got the best of me.

I grabbed my favorite red bowl and filled it up with one cup of Strawberry Yogi Crisps, one cup of frozen blueberries and one cup of soy milk.

At a Glance - Blueberries and Yogi Crisps (Small)

Mass quantities of berries!  Stir ’em up!

At a Glance - Blueberries and Yogi Crisps - More Frozen Berries (Close Up)

Notice how the berries become coated with a frozen milk glaze? LOVE that!

At a Glance - Blueberries and Yogi Crisps -Frozen Berries (small)

They taste like little frozen yogurt nuggets!  The crunchy strawberry Yogi Crisps are the perfect sidekick to the blueberry madness.

At a Glance - Blueberries and Yogi Crisps - Blue Milk Close Up (Small)

Just wait until you get to the bottom of the bowl…more frozen blueberry goodness.

The milk slowly turns very blue and a bit slushy.

At a Glance - Blueberries and Yogi Crisps - Blue Milk (Small)

The first thing that popped in my head with the first bite was “Trix!”  That’s exactly what this tastes like. Tangy and frosty and just in time for Spring!

Best cereal combo ever. The breakfast that ended all breakfast posts…


What are Yogi Crisps? Yogi Crisps are very crunchy granola flakes that are packed with oats, barley, spelt, amaranth, and quinoa. I love both the strawberry (also flavored with gooseberry and elderberry flavors) and the blueberry granola flakes (fab with frozen raspberries). They are wildly addictive! They are also pretty easy to find. You can find them at Hy-Vee, Target, and Whole Foods.

What is your favorite breakfast combination? I love to hear what food concoctions you are whipping up!

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