Sunday Snapshots: A view from the trail…

Whether I’ve had a busy workday or I’ve risen fresh and I’m rearing to go on a Saturday morning, one thing has been calling my name lately: The trail. A lot has changed over the last year and a half. Before, I spent my time working out indoors and was fully convinced that going outside just meant “bugs”. Really. I wasn’t always that way, but that was the sentiment throughout my 20’s. That all changed when I started to fall in love with exercise. I soon found that the more I pushed myself physically, the more I hated feeling limited by equipment and last summer I found myself wandering outside a bit more and more. This year, I’ve taken to the trail. The path that I take through my neighborhood spans a little over 4 miles and weaves through city-preserved park land and homes.

I was out a lot this last week and decided to make today a “rest day”. Of course, in true Andrea fashion, I was restless and wound up outside. This time, to actually walk the trail and document some of my favorite nooks. The ones that catch my attention when I run by in a flash… I wanted to see them up close. I’ve also been eager to test the camera outdoors, this was the perfect opportunity! So, I decided to take you along with me. Here are a few snapshots from my journey:

P.S. To anyone close to me who is alarmed by my frequent venturing outdoors… don’t get too excited. You’re still not dragging me camping, unless of course I get to stay at the W.
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