About the writer #1: My ridiculous love affair with scarves.

Happy Thursday! I can’t believe we are at the tail end of the week. I love weeks that fly by. Usually that is a good indicator that things are going right!

I realized the other day when another blogger, Sandra, asked me what my name is that I may have been a little presumptuous when I started my blog. In a rather bold move, I threw up a little website and started showering the world with quasi-recipes and random musings without ever, really, telling anyone a thing about me.

So first, thank you, to all of you who regularly visit my blog and keep me entertained on a daily basis without a proper introduction.

To make things right, I am going to post a series of “About the writer” facts and insights and dip my toe in the introduction water.

You see, I am a bit of a funny profile for a blogger, in real life, I am pretty private. I have always been very outgoing, but I would never say much about my private life unless you asked. That’s just not my style.

Then I started a blog…and still didn’t tell anyone much about myself. Classic Andrea.

So, since I had a billion errands to run tonight and I still feel like writing, I think I will start the series with an uncomplicated fact.

About the writer #1: I love scarves.

I know, real deep, but if I am going to “dip my toe” in this thing, let me dip my toe. Maybe later I will just dive in, you never know!

I do have a serious love affair with scarves. They even have their own section in my closet.


I also have mismatched hangers, but we can talk about that another time.

The scarf love started last year when I realized I may be sitting in the most frigid corner of the office. To top it off, I am the only one in my department who cannot plug in a space heater without tripping a breaker.

Thus, I started wearing scarves to work…every day. Now, in the winter, it just feels wrong not to wear one.

So, you can usually find me wandering around the city with a scarf on.

Andrea & Scarf

(Candid scarf shot from my arrival home today.)

I guess that’s the long and short of it for tonight.

It’s nice to finally start meeting you!



A special thanks to Sandra for the blogging epiphany!

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