Garlic Ricotta Gnocchi with Turkey Sausage, Hot Tahitian Vanilla Hazelnut Tea, and my glamourous mug

Like most of this country, we are getting slammed with horrid weather today.

I am lucky enough to be able to work from home when the street conditions are lousy.  I spent the entire day cooped up and cranked out lots of work projects. My day was wildly productive.

I must have burned a lot of energy because I was starving by 5PM and decided that my productivity should be rewarded by a gigantic bowl of gnocchi.

So, rewarded it was.

Garlic Ricotta Gnocchi with Turkey Sausage (2)

Garlic Ricotta Gnocchi with Turkey Sausage

3 fully cooked hot turkey sausages (diced into bite-sized pieces)

1 package (3 servings) whole wheat gnocchi

1/4 cup chopped baby romaine leaves

1/3 cup grape tomatoes (halved)

1 tsp extra virgin olive oil

1 tsp crushed garlic

3 tbsp low fat ricotta

1 tsp o% plain Greek yogurt

Grated Parmesan cheese (enough for sprinkling, optional)

Ground black pepper (enough for sprinkling, optional)

(Serves 3)

Prepare gnocchi according to directions. Place extra virgin olive oil, crushed garlic, ricotta, and plain Greek yogurt in a small pan (I used a single egg frying pan).  Heat over low heat until the ricotta topping develops a creamy, whipped texture.

Spread creamy topping over gnocchi and top with a few sliced grape tomatoes and diced baby romaine leaves.

Add turkey sausage pieces and lightly sprinkle ground black pepper and grated Parmesan cheese.

Garlic Ricotta Gnocchi with Turkey Sausage (3)

We loved every single bite!

Ricotta and gnocchi were meant to spend some time together. Shane actually liked the ricotta and gnocchi together so much he was going after it over the turkey sausage pieces (and he loves turkey sausage). The gnocchi was flattered.


On a side note, I may have had the best hot tea on earth today. I have been absolutely crazy for hot tea these days, indulging in at least three cups a day. Pretty amazing considering I used to think tea was the most vile thing in the world.

It was the Tahitian Vanilla Hazelnut tea by Yogi. I used to be wild for Starbuck’s Chai Tea Lattes and it reminded me a lot of that. No joke, I was shocked when I first caught a whiff of the aroma.

It tastes like a giant cookie with a blast of cinnamon, ginger, and vanilla.

Oh, and I drank it in style:

Tahitian Vanilla Hazelnut Tea

That’s right, gorgeous!  Who doesn’t strut around with a classy Christmas gift mug in January!?


Since I’m a bit new to the “tea scene”, I’m curious if any of you have dabbled in brewing loose leaf teas. I hear loose leaf teas are richer in antioxidants than bagged teas.

Any tips on how to brew loose teas and what are your favorite brands/flavors?

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