Loving my little Rebel.

I can’t contain my excitement! I finally own a DSLR. We are now the proud owners of the Canon Rebel t2i. To date, I think I may have taken a picture of every slightly attractive object in this house.

I’m absolutely smitten.

For a bit of fun I decided to recreate a previous TJ’s Chicken Burger post to demonstrate the image quality improvement.

My previous camera was a Samsung HZ15W.

This was my little TJ’s Chicken Burger á la Samsung:

Chicken Burger - Samsung

Chicken Burger - Samsung (2)

This was tonight’s TJ’s Chicken Burger á la Canon:

Chicken Burger - Rebel

My burger feels so naked!

Chicken Burger - Full Front

You can see every minor detail.

Chicken Burger - Angle

Isn’t she a charmer?


I have a lot to learn when it comes to tackling my new camera, but I can’t wait to start experimenting!

If you have a DSLR, I would love a few tips and tricks! How did you get started?

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