Beating rush hour and squeezing the most I can out of every minute!

I conquered both Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods in under an hour today, all before rush hour. Nothing caps off a work day like an adrenaline-induced grocery run.  Both stores are just off of a heavily trafficked artery of this city and if I am not out of there by 5:00 it gets messy real quick!

So I picked up these guys…

Grocery Bags

…and high-tailed it home. I was beaming with pride over my super-speed grocery excursion!

The trip resulted in a bit of “stocking up”.

Trader Joes and Whole Foods Groceries

The Rosemary Raisin Crisps (Trader Joe’s) and Irene’s Biscotti (Whole Foods) are hot tickets in this house. Trader Joe’s was out of the crisps last month. Apparently, per the TJ’s rep that I interviewed about the sudden disappearance of my crisps, the West Coast had a sudden demand for them and us Midwesterners were suffering for it.

If your were part of this sudden crisps shortage, it’s probably best that I don’t know about it.

End of story, they were back in stock and I slammed four boxes of those delectable puppies into my cart. If you have not tried them yet, they are a must. Just please don’t trigger another shortage.

Good news, thanks to this little adventure, we are now hooked on another fabulous TJ’s indulgence:

Chicken Burger - Box

No kidding, these chicken burgers are phenomenal! We loved every single bite. Even better? They are ready after two minutes in the microwave.

Chicken Burger with Baby Romaine, Feta, Mustard and Ketchup

I gave that little guy a couple nice whirls of ketchup and mustard and topped it off with feta and baby romaine.  We also had a bit of guacamole and Sunchips to keep them company.

I will be cramming my weekend into one day since I am presenting another seminar for work.  That means it’s all about finding the quickest way to squeeze as much as I can out of every minute!

I’m up for the challenge…and the two minute chicken burgers? They fit my plan perfectly!


What is the one grocery store you will go out of your way for and what are the food staples that keep you coming back?

Sometimes there are so many little wonders in these stores that the best products go overlooked. I’d love to know who keeps you coming back for more!

“To change one’s life:  Start immediately.  Do it flamboyantly.  No exceptions.”  ~William James

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