The Kale Fail (I really have to stop Googling things…)

I’ve been on a little mission lately. A little mission that involves things like carrots, baby romaine, broccoli, and now an innocent bystander…kale.

I recently realized I may have been falling a little short when it comes to veggies. I really need to get more veggies.

My mission has been simple: Slip a veggie into every meal I can. I have been cramming baby romaine into my breakfast sandwiches, munching on baby carrots at lunch, eating steamed broccoli with dinner…you get the idea.

Oh, this has to be incredibly boring, but these simple changes have actually been amazing! I found that after a few days, I was actually craving my veggies. Inspired by this, I decided to pursue a fruity experiment: To start swapping my strawberries and blueberries with oranges, kiwis, and apples. Who would’ve thought!? My fruits and vegetables confidence has been at an all-time high.

Then I had my run-in with kale.

You see, kale is a wonder food. It is full of nutrients and is even said to have cancer-fighting properties.

…and you can make chips out of it!

See, it’s a wonder food!

Over the weekend, I saw a Twitter post by Real Simple for their kale chips recipe. I was sold.

What happened next was the problem. I Google everything. I googled kale chips and immediately found a billion (or something close to that) recipes that boasted kale chips were absolutely delicious without the oil. All they did was slam their favorite seasonings on them and they were ready to go!

This seemed like the perfect solution.

Kale fail

…but it wasn’t.

I cleaned and dried my kale and sprinkled it with Cajun seasoning, garlic, and a bit of fresh ground pepper I baked the batch for about 7-8 minutes at 350 degrees (until they were nice and crispy). The seasoning was delicious, but they were just so boring. The kale leaves themselves seemed flavorless.

My guess is, if you are going to attempt kale chips, you’d be better off going wild and opting for the oil. Otherwise, try the same thing and let me know if your batch is delicious. I may be wildly jealous, but I’d love to know if somebody out there can pinpoint where my oil-free recipe went wrong.

Until then, I am going to take my second kale bundle and cram that into my smoked salmon breakfast sandwiches. I think that will suit me just fine!

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