Where I’ve been…

Good morning! I am very happy to make a reappearance!

I have been excessively busy. I am sure one would come to expect that from someone who named their blog after their hectic schedule.

The last few weeks have been spent preparing for speaking engagements for work, working, and a bit of travel for aforementioned speaking engagements for work.

Which took me here:

Richmond - Street and Tobacco Company

Lovely Richmond, Va

I dined at The Tobacco Company. From what I am told it is named that because it was once a tobacco factory. However, the menu had nothing to do with tobacco (thankfully) and a lot to do with deliciousness.

For our appetizer we opted for Crab and Brie Cheese Fondue. It may have been the richest, most decadent fondue I have ever experienced.

Dinner was the Faroe Island Salmon which I ordered up well-cooked and it still tasted like heaven. We’re talking salmon nested with green apples, basil and asparagus. The fried yellow tomato on the side was absolutely perfect.

Notice the lack of images due to your author immediately devouring her meal (and sparing her coworkers any photography madness).


Things have wound down a bit this week. I hope to get back to cooking some fresh, home cooked, and as always quick meals!

I will have some tasty treats your way soon.

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