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I had an overly productive day for New Years Day. I shopped, conquered the elliptical and cleaned (a lot)!  I had imagined that I would use New Years to get some much needed R & R, but instead I woke up on a mission.

A busy day called for a serious dinner.  A serious dinner called for the Smoky Pan-Grilled Pork Chops recipe I spied in the most recent issue of Cooking Light.

I was flipping through the issue the other night and flagged the recipe. I decided to make good on my ambitions and make some chops.  Shane loves pork chops and I am a fan of a nice center cut.

Smoky Pork Chops

Cooking Light once again had a winner! These were delicious!

I cooked our pork chops in the skillet versus pan grilling them.  I had to make a few substitutions since I climbed up to my cooking ingredients cupboard only to discover rock hard brown sugar (*tears).

Smoky Pork Chops - Ingredients

These guys all came to the rescue.

I used honey instead of brown sugar. I bet the brown sugar would have been amazing, but the honey actually turned the smokey topping into a glaze. That was fine by me!

I also did not have paprika so I substituted Mrs. Dash Extra Spicy Seasoning. I had to use ground cumin versus grinding my own cumin seed. I opted for 3/4 tbsp of ground cumin versus 1 tbsp.

I mixed the honey with the dry ingredients and made a nice glaze.

Smoky Pork Chops - Skillet

I used a basting brush to coat the top half of each center cut with the glaze.

Then I cooked the little chops until they were nice and hot!

Smoky Pork Chops

We served them up alongside some Olive Oil & Garlic Couscous and Garlic Broccoli.

That hit the spot!

Nothing like wrapping up the day with a nice, home cooked meal.

I hope everyone had a fantastic New Years Day! Hopefully someone got in a good nap for me.

Happy 1-1-11!

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