Making big messes and Turkey Farfalline with Goat Cheese Sauce

We have a new favorite meal in this home!

Turkey Farfalline with Goat Cheese Sauce-Close Up

That’s Farfalline with ground turkey and goat cheese sauce.  Delicious!

I have one confession when it comes to Farfalline. I may have purchased it just because of its good looks.

Turkey Farfalline with Goat Cheese Sauce - Farfalline

Seriously, I am a marketers dream.  How cute are those little guys?

Harry & David had a very cleverly stacked Farfalline display a few months back. I couldn’t resist the temptation.

Then I had to come home to Google what it was. Really.

I had never dabbled in Farfalline before.

So tonight I decided to give the Goat Cheese Sauce that Iowa Girl Eats recommended in one of her recent blog posts.  She adapted her recipe from Real Simple’s Asparagus-Goat Cheese Pasta recipe.

Turkey Farfalline with Goat Cheese Sauce - Goat Cheese Sauce

This sauce is amazing!

For my broth, I used Healthy Valley’s low fat, no sodium added chicken broth. I highly recommend it.

The sauce turned out perfect and complimented the ground turkey.

We loved the Farfalline.

Turkey Farfalline with Goat Cheese Sauce - Both Plates

Two happy people enjoyed those plates.

Now, I have to go clean up my cooking mess. There’s a rather large assortment of pots and pans sitting in the kitchen right now.

That’d be the second major mess I’ve  made today.

Wrapping Christmas Gifts - Mess

This was the first.

I finally got a jumpstart on wrapping holiday presents.

Christmas Gifts - Wrapped

Somebody’s getting a special package that I have got to get to the UPS store tomorrow.

Christmas Gifts - Wrapped and Ready to Ship

I’m off to clean up my second mess of the day and relax a little before the busy week starts!

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