Trekking the Himalayas (and a serious Turkey Sausage Sandwich)

I trekked the Himalayas today.

Himalayan Trek

Well, the Body Trec and I did.  The Himalayan Trek may just be the name of my favorite course.

Our gym has an awesome elliptical machine I prefer over the trec, but when I showed up this morning I discovered some smart gym-goer managed to break one of the arms off of the machine. It threw off my typical routine, but I gladly switched to the trec and crossed the Himalayas.

I arrived home to find Shane getting ready to grill up some turkey sausages…perfect!

Turkey Sausage Sandwich with TJ's Fire Roasted Red Peppers

Sorry friends, wish it was prettier for you, but that sandwich was good!

Whole wheat bread with Hellmann’s Dijonnaise and TJ’s fire roasted red peppers.  It hit the spot!

You know, the Himalayas can be a bit exhausting.  A sandwich this serious was required.

I hope everyone is having a fantastic pre-holiday Saturday! We are getting ready for a movie night. I think a nice Chinese dinner is on the menu. Sounds like a great date to me!

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