Tackling the universe (or making Polenta Fries)

It’s been a while since I’ve added a post, and I am happy to be logged back in! I’ve been tackling a minor ailment which meant whatever expendable energy I had left was poured into my work.  That’s always priority, but now that I am starting to feel closer to 100%, I think I am ready to tackle the universe! Thus, I begin by making Polenta Fries. I love these little guys!

Ever since my first big polenta adventure, I have been dying to see if polenta could form a mean fry. Oh, it can!

Polenta Fries - Full Plate (View Two)

Let me show you how:

Begin with a fresh tube of polenta. I used Melissa’s Italian Herb Polenta. If you have never purchased tubed polenta, it is quite glamorous.

Polenta Fries - Tubed Polenta

(…or not.)

I store tubed polenta in the refrigerator so it remains cold and firm. Polenta is very easy to slice fresh from the refrigerator.

Slice the polenta into french fry shaped pieces and place on a panini grill.

Polenta Fries - Grilling

Close panini grill and grill the polenta slices on medium heat for approximately 12 minutes or until slightly browned and firm.

Warning: Do not open the panini grill for the first eight minutes or so. The polenta will be in a very soft state and you can lose the fry shape.

After about 12 minutes of grilling you will have delicious polenta fries. I sprinkled my batch with a bit of garlic powder.

Polenta Fries - Full Plate

Polenta fries are crisp on the outside, but nice and soft on the inside, just like a steak fry! Unbelievable.

Polenta Fries - Dipped in Ketchup

…and they taste just as fabulous dipped in ketchup!

There you have it: Fresh Polenta Fries in 17 minutes max! You can’t beat it.

Not familiar with polenta?  One of my favorite blogs, Svelte Gourmand, sold me on polenta a while back with their polenta post.

I haven’t stopped experimenting with the food since, it’s so versatile!

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