The Little Things: Sunday Morning Breakfast

There’s something about Sunday morning breakfast that I just love.

I’m not slamming egg whites into a ramekin and setting the microwave for one minute or haphazardly defrosting my berries.

Egg Whites in Egg Skillet

Not on Sundays at least. On Sundays I get to slowly perfect my egg whites in the egg skillet, toss in parsley and garlic, and let them cook at their own pace.

The berries?  They get to defrost properly so they are fresh and bright red again.

When it’s all ready, I actually sit at the dining room table and peruse some of the magazines that have stacked up over the course of the month.  Lingering a little bit longer on each page and taking in every word and image. That may be the one time of the week that I am not so busy, and I actually allow it, for a moment at least.

Egg and Turkey Muffin and Strawberries and Yogurt

That’s Sunday morning breakfast.

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