Snack in a Hurry: Somersaults Crunchy Nuggets

Crunchy Nuggets (Intro)

I have to admit, I am a marketers dream.  I am a sucker for cute packaging!  Send me a treat wrapped up in cute gift bags and brightly-colored tissue paper, and I swoon. It’s that easy, really.

(I won’t even mention how easily distracted I am at the store.  A smart display can disturb my entire shopping agenda.)

Thanks to a post I read from Sarah Jio at Vitamin G, I stumbled upon Somersaults Crunchy Nuggets and had to place an order immediately.

This is what the delivery man showed up at my doorstop with:

Crunchy Nuggets Packaging

So, as you can imagine, the minute I ripped open this box, there was some serious swooning…and it just got better from there.  Let me tell you about the contents.

I opted for the snack pack so I could sample each flavor: S.S. Sea Salt, Santa Fe Salsa, and Chez Cocoa. Each cute brown bag was stuffed full with 12 snack bags.  Each snack bag is probably more like one half of a serving, but if you are insanely hungry, they are relatively low-cal (One snack bag of the Santa Fe Salsa comes in at just 70 calories.) so go for two bags!  I purchased them for the all-important work mid-morning snack stash.  They are perfect for the snack drawer!

So what makes these little nuggets so great?  First of all, I have never tasted anything like them. They are loaded with sunflower seeds and grains, and deliver a delicious, savory crunch.

To top it off, one little bag of the Santa Fe Salsa (this is obviously my favorite) delivers 3 grams of protein.  Not bad for a little snack bag of nuggets!

Crunchy Nuggets (Close up)

Seriously though, look at all of the thought they put into that packaging.  Somersaults make me swoon!


Being an early-morning riser, my mid-morning snacks are critical to keeping my energy levels high during a busy work day.

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What do you keep in your “mid-morning” snack stash?  I would love to know what everyone is “mindfully” munching on!

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