My kind of Saturday: Trader Joe’s (attempt #1), Wheatfields, and Bed Bath and Beyond

My city officially has a Trader Joe’s!  It opened Friday, but we decided to wait until Saturday to check it out.

Trader Joe's

I was mentally prepared to enter a zoo, but this was out of control!  The lines were so long and you couldn’t peer through the almond butters without someone breathing over your shoulder.

I lasted about three minutes.  I just didn’t have the patience…(wait for it)…I’m way too busy!

So we made a quick dash to Wheatfields and we had quite possibly the best salads in the universe.  If you have never been to Wheatfield’s, you just have to visit one!

(Images courtesy of my Evo phone – forgive the imperfections.)

The interior is so adorable.  It has a bit of a French eatery feel and a little bread/treat shop as well.  It’s the cutest little place and the salads are fantastic!

Salad topped with Apricot and Chicken (Wheatfields)

I opted for fresh greens topped with apricots and chicken.  I spent 1/3 of my meal trying to figure out how they made this topping because it was delicious!

Does anyone else play food detective and try to figure out how you can make something similar at home?  I love that game!

Salad with Steak Topping (Wheatfields)

Boyfriend went for some greens topped with some serious steak bites.  He was in heaven!

Since we had lots of time left after scurrying out of Trader Joe’s, we swung by Bed Bath and Beyond.   Seriously, that place is such a big-kid candy store!

Sensory overload.

I picked up a few (hundred) things and we high-tailed it home.  We are having a “winter is coming” reality check here, and it was a bit too cold for our taste!  I wanted to be in my nice, toasty home.

Bed Bath and Beyond - Opening

I immediately poured through our purchases and prepped them for a nice run through the dishwasher.

I love shopping for home gadgets!


I plan on conquering Trader Joe’s later on next week.  If I have any readers who are Trader Joe’s super fans:  If you could only pick two things to purchase what would they be?  If I get any recommendations, I will purchase at least two from the list!  That may be all I have time for 🙂

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