Lunch in a Hurry: Turkey Raisin Sandwich Pocket

Yes, I am still cramming raisins into my sandwiches.

Even better…cramming them into sandwich pockets. The little suckers can’t roll away!

There’s not much to this recipe, so I am not going to get dramatic on you and list the three ingredients in recipe form.

To make a Turkey Raisin Sandwich Pocket, simply spread one Laughing Cow Light Creamy Swiss wedge on both inside walls of a sandwich pocket (I used a Kangaroo Multi-Grain Sandwich Pocket), sprinkle a pinch of raisins into the bottom of the pocket, insert turkey and sprinkle a few more raisins over the top for good measure!

Turkey and Raisin Sandwich Pocket

This was the quickest, most portable sandwich I have pulled off yet!  Perfect for making lunch in a hurry!

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