Vitatops Mania!

I used to be obsessed with Vitatops.  Most of their desserts are absolutely delicious and they are packed full of vitamins, fiber and important nutrients. I can’t say that for my other “prepared” sweet snacks.

So I was obsessed with them…until I stumbled upon my frozen berries, vanilla Greek yogurt and Yogi Crisps combo (Seriously amazing!).   For the last few months, I have eaten that dessert almost every night.

Last night this (almost) changed.

I stumbled across some serious Vitatops mania at Super Target.  Suddenly I was looking at all of the flavors I had previous only been able to ogle online.  Plus, they had the new breakfast sandwiches.

Here’s what ended up in my shopping basket:


  • Apple Crumb Vitatops
  • VitaBrownies
  • Egg & Cheese Sandwiches (15 grams of protein!)
  • Egg & Cheese Veggie Sandwiches (14 grams of protein!)

I am wildly excited about the egg sandwiches. Somehow I manage to squeeze in a workout and breakfast prep almost every morning before I leave for work.  This should really help me free up some time. I am going to pop a sandwich in the microwave, prep some fruit, and be ready to roll in no time.  Every minute counts!

Last night I did dive into the Apple Crumb Vitatops.  I do have to admit though, it wasn’t as great as I expected. The little apple bites in the muffin were good, but I expected more of a “crumbled” topping.

In the end, I still wound up having a mini-bowl of frozen berries, vanilla Greek yogurt and Yogi Crisps.

You just can’t beat an old favorite.

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