Quick Conversation: Sweet Treats Birthday Care Package

I love birthdays!  I really do.  I love mine. I love everyone else’s.

I couldn’t wait to pack a birthday care package of sweet treats for my Grandma, who turned 89 last week.

I stopped in at Harry & David and carefully selected some of my favorite things (and I hope she enjoys them too). Here’s what I picked up:

Sweet Treats Birthday Care Package - Conserves, Fruit Butter, Glazed and Flavored Nuts, and Dried Fruit

I also stopped to pick up tissue paper from Target and I found the perfect set!

Target Tissue Paper - Cupcake Tissue Paper

Doesn’t that just scream birthday party?  I loved it.

I always try to ship packages in a way that still gives that “just handed you a gift” feeling.

First, I carefully wrapped the fruit butter and conserves.

Sweet Treats Birthday Care Package - Wrapped Jars

I then proceeded to turn those little jars into a birthday party explosion with that adorable tissue paper.

Sweet Treats Birthday Care Package - Jars Fully Wrapped

Now, it was time to safely tuck the conserves and fruit butter away for safe shipping.

Birthday Care Package - Jars in Bag

Birthday Care Package - Tissue Over Jars

I did the same for the flavored glazed nuts and dried fruits.

Birthday Care Package - Flavored Glazed Nuts and Dried Fruit

Birthday Care Package - Tissue Over Flavored Glazed Nuts and Dried Fruit

Once they were all safely tucked away I packed them for their little trip to the UPS store.

Birthday Care Package - Ready to go

Isn’t that a birthday party in a bag!?  I know it cheered me up. I hope it puts a smile on her face too!

The UPS Store rep bubble-wrapped those bags like crazy and they are on their way to Iowa.

Now, I do have to admit that part of the fun of care package shopping is picking up delicious treats for myself. I just couldn’t resist!

This is what I came home with:

All-Natural Granola

Pomegranate Vanilla Cashews

I still haven’t had the opportunity to try any of them, but if I love them, you know you will be hearing about it!

I’d love to know…what do you put in your care packages or long-distance birthday gifts?  I’m always looking for new ideas!

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