Quick conversation: His and Hers Sandwiches

We had a panini night the other day and I had a thought.

I actually had this same thought once before, after enchilada night. My enchiladas were in whole-wheat tortilla shells and his enchiladas were in white flour tortilla shells.

So what happened on panini night?

I went to get the paninis started and without thinking grabbed the white steakhouse bread and the whole-wheat bread.

White Steakhouse Bread


Whole-Wheat Bread


White Steakhouse Sandwich

He had a roast beef sandwich with light mayonnaise on white steakhouse bread.

Whole Wheat Sandwich

I had turkey, mandarins, and almonds with spreadable swiss on whole wheat bread.

His and her sandwiches.

It made me wonder, is this a common phenomena?

If I made him a sandwich on whole-wheat bread, he would have ate it and vice versa.

But we know what we like…and that’s how we eat it.

What I do know is that I ate whole-wheat bread and he ate white steakhouse bread and we both really loved our sandwiches…and had a great dinner with great conversation.

I actually think those his and hers sandwiches look kind of cute.

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