Lunch in a Hurry: Mandarin-Almond Turkey Panini

I ran home for lunch today and made one of my favorite paninis.  I have posted it in my blog before, but I thought it deserved a second go-around.  It is so quick and easy to make that I just have to share (again).

To begin I spread Laughing Cow Light Swiss spreadable cheese on both sides of whole wheat bread.   I then add enough mandarin slices to cover the bottom half and sprinkled some almond slices in the mix as well.  I use Native Forest Canned Organic Mandarin Slices to save time.

Mandarin-Almond Turkey Panini

I added about six slices of turkey and promptly placed the sandwich on the Griller, Jr. until lightly toasted.

Mandarin-Almond Turkey Panini (2)

The mandarins added a bit of a tangy twist and the almond crunch is a nice surprise with each bite.   I partnered the sandwich with Kashi 7-Grain crackers, a light swiss wedge, and almonds.  I love to spread the swiss on the crackers and top it off with an almond.

Not a bad way to spend lunch (and sneak a little Vitamin C into your sandwich)!

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