Snack in a Hurry: Strawberry Crackers and Dried Apricots (and the best ironing board ever)

Tonight’s post is a simple, portable and utterly delicious snack in a hurry.

First and foremost, I love Archer Farm’s strawberry crackers.  I found them at Target a couple months back and they have become a welcome visitor to our kitchen ever since.  They really taste nothing like a cracker.  They remind me a bit of vanilla wafers with dried strawberry pieces.  They are fantastic!

Strawberry Crackers

While I was enjoying a few the other night, the snack light bulb went off.

Dried Apricots and Strawberry Crackers

I was craving dried apricots and thought the two might make a fantastic combo.  Oh, they did!

Strawberry Crackers and Dried Apricots

Don’t they look adorable together?

On a completely unrelated note, since I am a fan of anything that makes life more efficient, I feel compelled to share the ironing board we purchased last week.

I found that most mornings I was completely distracted by wrestling with our ironing board in the laundry room.  We set out for a solution and found an over the door ironing board at Target.

Over the door ironing board (closed)

Best…ironing board….ever (Minus the cover, but hopefully I will find a solution for that soon.).

Over the door ironing board (open)

I cannot tell you how convenient this has been this week.  I don’t have to wander far at all from where I am getting ready and setup is ridiculously easy!

That will be all for more efficiency celebration today.

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